Dedicated To

Dedication with devotion, respect & regards in the feet’s of those great souls whose divine light have become inspiration of all our work.

                                             Late Smt.Shanti Jain & Late Shri Gokul Chand Jain

 Lord Mahaveer had said,”Always behave & work with pure, scared & polite thoughts so that it should not dirt our soul.” These words of Bhagwan Mahaveer have been followed by the Jain family namely Late Smt Shanti Jain & Shri Gokul Chand Jain.

 You are having great interest in the religious hearings. You have appreciably born the responsibilities of the family. You have indulged yourself continuously as a constructive worker without any motive for society. Both of you lived every second of your life with constructive & sacred foresight ness. You were the character of deep responsible ness & religiousness.

 Man is mortal but sometimes they prepare such a good structure with their good working that their memories not only have an impact on mind but also their thoughts turned into life.

 I bow a thousand times in respect of those divine souls whose religious feelings had motivated me in making of this website.