I (L.C.Jain ) on behalf of drongiri trust,  would like to acknowledge the effort of all the contributing parties in the Designed and hosting of this (WWW.Drongiri.com)  website. From the designers to the people who are contributors of information - We Thank You All!! 

 (Late Smt.Shanti Jain & Late Shri Gokul Chand Jain)

Mr. Shikhar chandra jain (Teacher, BaraMalehra) he wrote contains of this side.

Mr. Bhag Chandra Jain(Member of drongiri trust-pili Dukan, BaraMalehra) who has give the permission to design this side.

Mr. D.L.Jain (Er. in MPED-Maihar) and Mr. R.C.Jain(Civil Manager-Nepa Nagar), they gave the direction to design the web side. 

Mr. Gyan chandra jain -(Amit Photo studio Bara Malehra), he had  provided all photographas.

Mr. Kham Chandra jain-(Aadarsh Computer Center, Bara Malehra)he had provided scanned images and typing matters.

Mr. Hemant Kumar Jain(Student B.Sc.Final, computer Sc. Indor) and Amit Jain (Student-Maihar) they helped to designed and hosting.

Mr. Ayush Jain & Akshat Jain (Student-Bada Malehra) they helped to image retouching-designing and hosting.

        And My Friends , Family member. 



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