Laghu Sammved Shikhar ji
  Gurudatt Digambar jain udasin-asharm
  Gurudatt Digambar jain Sanskrit School
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  Devnandi Pravachan Haal
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Drongiri is the land of severe penance & enlightenment of Muni Gurudatta.This is a very beautiful & exquisite Sidha-Kshetra of Bundelkhand. 28 Jain temples are located on the top of the hill, which is surrounded by evergreen flora & two rivers. As visitors start getting the honour of praying in the temples, they themselves realize the greatness of the souls who got enlightenment & various sacred places. Nature too has bestowed purity & piousness to this land. Two rivers surrounds these hill so that the pilgrims have the ease in washing their hands &legs before starting prayer. Because of its harmony, beauty & hygienic atmosphere various saints offer self –practice here. Among these is the religious saint ”Varni Sri Ganesh Prasad Ji” spent much of his time here, doing meditation.    

Being highly impressed by the harmony , beauty &  the   hygienic atmosphere of this holy land Sri Ganesh Prasad ji referred to it as  “Laghu Sammed Shikhar Ji” in his autobiography.Those  who visited Drongiri realizes the truth.


During the ”Panch Kalyank Mahotsava “ held in samvet 2011 , in the  able direction of Chu. Chidanand Ji, country’s great brain & social reformer, placed the foundation of Gurudatta Udaseen Ashram , so that those who are practicing meditation , can live here. It is located exactly at the front of Choubisi Jinalaya. It consists of 30 rooms, large convocation hall , Jinalaya & bhojanshala.

On Baisakh sadi 7 Samvet 1985, Gurudatta Digamber Jain Sanskrit Vidyalaya has been started. Pt. Gorelal ji sastri was appointed as teacher. By the blessings of  Pujya Varniji & in the able direction of Pt. Gorelal Sastri & the generous donators of the society, this vidyalaya has build thousands of intellectuals who are spreading the fame of this land with their perfect knowledge, making this sanskrit vidyalaya as a renowned one. This vidyalaya’s gives the best result in India. Vidyalaya is well equipped with boarding & lodging.


For the protection & development of Jain tradition, All India Digamber Jain Tirth Kshetra Protection Committee, Mumbai is running an institute since 1 July 1991 . Here training is given for the various customs &traditions of Jainism viz. rituals , pooja & their management. Training is given by modern ways utilizing computer.The training also covers astrology , vedic shastras & the trainees from here are offering services to various jain tirths.


During the four months stay of Acharya Sri Devnandi ji maharaj along with his followers , a huge convocation hall, equipped with all facilities has been constructed. Here 2000 persons can sit at a time.

 In 1992 the young Acharya of Bundelkhand 108 Sri Virag Sagar Ji spent  four months in this auspicious land . Not only the regional folk but also whole jain society all over India is benefited by him. With the beginning of his four months stay a large crowd ran towards Drongiri . In order to prevent them from heavy rain a typical covocation hall was built exactly in front of Choubisi Jinalaya. It’s a permanent hall made of tin  near “Gajrath Manch”. In it’s shade about 5000 listeners can sit together to take the benefits of religious speeches & other programs.

Devotees  remember Drongiri by number of names- Dongiri, Donagiri,Drongiri etc. These names could be because of the convinence of the visitors but the literary meaning of these words too is important.

“Doon” in hindi means valley . Because of rivers & hills this place is called as Doon .The relatively lower land between two hills is known as “Don”. Situated in such land surrounded by 42 calm & quite villages this land is called as Dongiri.

 One of the meaning of the word “Don” is “ Daman Indriya Nigrah” or to win ones senses. This is very true for this land as Gurudatta &other saints got enlightenment from here after controlling their wishes.

The most famous name is “Drongiri”. Eytmologist coined “Dron” from a hill named Drongiri mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana as “Kshirodh Ocean”. As the ocean is filled with precious stones & pearls so this hill too contain many medicinal plants having divine curing power.

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