Sri 1008 Digamber Jain Sidha - Kshetra Drongiri , is just like a bathing place. Reaching here we, sail the ocean of worldly things towards the eternity. As on the coastal region of a river we clean our body & clothes similarly ,at holy lands  we clean our soul. This sacred land is located in the Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh at 7 km away from Bada-malhera. The land of immense pride & natural beauty, tells the virtuous story of itself.

 The fame of this pious land is because of the king Gurudatta of Hastinapur. Hastinapur  is known for  the great poets & honourable Acharyas born ,their in history. Feeling the mortality of the world , in order to attain enlightenment, king Gurudatta had taken Digamber  Muni diksha.


Feeling, the sacred cave of this holy land as most appropriate for meditation muni Gurudatta practiced severe penance here  & attained enlightenment. After Muni Gurudatta this land is called as “Sidha-kshetra”.

Many Acharyas  had mentioned & depicted Drongiri for its greatness & piousness. Starting from first of century, various acharyas encoded the fame of Drongiri in various prose & poems .In 1547 AD Sri Shiv Koti Swami, author of “Bhagvati Aradhana” had written as-

                     gfRFk.kiqj xq:nRrksa laofy Fkkyh o nzks.kHkxfEHk A

            mT>arks vf/k;kfl; ifMo..kks mRres vða AA  

Similarly, in “Nirvan Bhakti” written by Sri Pujya Swami depicted Drongiri as-

            Qy gksM+h cM+xkes ifPNe Hkk;fEe nzks.kfxfj flgjs A

      xq:nRrkfn eqf.kUnk f.kOok.kx;k rsflaAA  

Drongiri is mentioned in the very starting of “Nirvan Kaand” written in 12-13 century in which all the places where one had achieved enlightenment is mentioned in golden letters as the land where muni Gurudatta had achieved enlightenment.

In addition Acharya Harishe had written in “Vrithak Katha Kosh” & ”Aaradhana Sar Granth” as follows –

okLrO;ks gfLrus /khjks nzks.khefr egh/kjsA

xq:nRks ;fr LokFk%Z txzgkuyosfLVr%AA  

In the 26 th tika of the 26 th gatha of ”Doha Prabhabhut ” Sri Shrut Sagar had mentioned Drongiri as great pilgrim. So myriad of Acharyas had praised this holy land. In the hindi version of ”Nirvan Kaand” composed by  Bhaiya Bhagvati , Drongiri is depicted as-

              QygksfM+ cM+xkao vuwi if'pe fn'kk nzks.kfxfj:iA

         xq:nRrkfn equh'oj tgkW eqfDr x;s canks fur rgkWAA  

Reading this one gets eager to visit & pray in this sacred land. The great social reformer of this era  Chu. Ganesh Prasad ji Varni  has mentioned ,his prayers offered here as the most successful step towards self-practice & self-knowledge. That’s why he spent his self-practice in Drongiri during his trip to Bundelkhand region.

 Because of the exquisites, sky touching jain temples & most appropriate place for self-practice this holy land is called as “Laghu Sammed Shikarji”. The poet has praised this holy land as-

je.khad izd`fr dk lqHkx lnu] fo/;kpy dk 'kqHk vapy gS]

vkyksd bls ;ksa yxrk gS] taxy esa gksrk eaxy gSA

ftldh ikou re /koydhZfr ;qxksa ls Ks; jghA

;g ohj izlouh clq/kk deZfjiq ls vts; jgh AA

blds iz'kkUre; riksouksa esa eqfu ri rirs vk, gS

fut ije lk/kuke; lekf/k esa lks·ga tirs vk,s gSA

,sls eqfu;ks dh injt ls ikou Hkwfe ;g rhFkZ cuhA

tu tu ds dYe"k /kksus dks ;g iq.;/kjk vc rhFkZ cuhAA

fxfj ij mUur ftu Hkouksa ds 'kqfp f'k[kj xku dks /kj /kj djA

uHk ifjf/k ukirs gS ekuksa fut jE; :i dks /kj /kj djAA

The Nirvan Bhumi of Muni Gurudatta situated in the middle of the hill , surrounded by the hill, surrounded by the natural beauty reflects the historicity of this place.

There are 30 jain temples in the whole mountain range. As mention in “Drishstiasthak Sthrota” these  temples are telling the greatness of this land. Lovely hill with exquisite countryside as its foothills is a temple that draws people from far & wide – to feel in communion with God. 

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